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Google Earth

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Since 2010, I have been doing TomTom POI's (.ov2) and Google Earth .KML files to the car park of the clubs in our league. This also included mileages & times to get there, car parking info - but I don't have time for all of that now.

I created a .ov2 for TomTom & .kml for Google Earth and the .kml file opens on my PC, phone and tablet: ... 2-2023.kml

Obviously you need to have Google Earth installed on your device, else the above .kml file will just open in text mode.

It goes to the entrance/car park of the grounds in our league. Might be useful to someone or just to have a play around with.

I created it on 19.6.2022, so I assume no one has changed grounds since :D

I no longer have a TomTom, but the .kml file is produced from the .ov2 file and that looks ok.

The zip file containing the .ov2 file is found on the "By plane, train & automobile to Dartford FC" page:
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