TB Midweek Catch Up

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TB Midweek Catch Up

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Re: TB Midweek Catch Up

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That a typical Tony Burman interview , no bullsh~t , just honest , plain speaking about what he wants from the team and above all a " clean slate " , good to have Brandon Barzey back , hope this becomes a weekly feature from Tony ??
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Re: TB Midweek Catch Up

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The Duke said
That a typical Tony Burman interview , no bullsh~t , just honest , plain speaking about what he wants from the team and above all a " clean slate " , good to have Brandon Barzey back , hope this becomes a weekly feature from Tony ??
Spot on Dave a good honest interview that you could understand with no excuses no need to look for praise as most of the fans will know what Tony has done in the past for us and yes a regular interview from him please
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Re: TB Midweek Catch Up

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' done some good things!!'. What did Tony Burman ever do for this club?🤔😉🎯
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Re: TB Midweek Catch Up

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There's a rumour that Tony kept his managers tracksuit hanging in the wardrobe just in case it might be needed :lol: :lol:
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Re: TB Midweek Catch Up

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Good interview with Tony on kentonline saying He's not shy of making signings or letting players go during his short reign.
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Re: TB Midweek Catch Up

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"Burman won’t hesitate on recruitment front"


Dartford caretaker manager Tony Burman says more signings possible on his watch following recruitment of midfielder Taylor Maloney from Farnborough

Tony Burman has not ruled out making more signings during his caretaker spell in charge of Dartford.

Following the sacking of Alan Dowson, Burman is back in the Princes Park hotseat while the club sift through prospective replacements.

He has already snapped up midfielder Taylor Maloney from Farnborough and will move again if required

“If that’s what I feel we need to do, then I will,” said Burman. “When players come up, we might feel that we could do with them here.

“Especially if they’re local then I have to say I want people who feel for the area and the club. Maybe there should be some more of those guys here, that’s the way I see it.

“If we have to sign someone or let someone go, we can do that but I’m hoping to give everyone an opportunity who wants to be here and at the moment my impression is everyone does want to.

“But you never know what’s going to happen when the phone rings. If someone wants to take one of your players and can persuade them to get out of the contract then you think about it and if you think you can bring someone else in to cover that position or maybe better then I’ve got no problem in doing that. The players will have to understand it might not be at the helm.”

Former Charlton youngster Maloney enjoyed a successful 2022/23 campaign with Welling but never really fired after making the move to Farnborough in the close season. He’ll bring an extra dimension to Dartford’s midfield.

“Taylor is a midfield player who has experience at Charlton and other clubs,” explained Burman. “He’s been a professional, he’s got qualities in getting forward and going from box-to-box and he chips in with a few goals.

“We’ve been close to signing Taylor for the past 12 months and there was talk with the Harvey Bradbury deal when he went to Farnborough but it wasn’t to be at the time. Then it got put back on later.

“I’ve explained the situation to Taylor and that if a new manager is appointed then I’m not here but he wanted to come this way, he wanted to be here.

“He lives close, his family live in Dartford and that’s what I’d like to bring in, people who have a feeling for the area and the club. He’s wanted to come here for a while and I’m pleased that we’ve got him.”
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Re: TB Midweek Catch Up

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https://www.kentonline.co.uk/dartford/s ... on-300733/

"Burman pushes the reset button"

Tony Burman says everyone will get a fair crack of the whip while he remains Dartford caretaker boss.

Caretaker Dartford manager Tony Burman insists the slate has been wiped clean for the squad he has inherited.

Burman has watched every first-team game so far this season in his role as a club director.

But he can only judge the players on what he sees under his stewardship and is keen that everyone gets a fresh start.

“I’ve not watched any training sessions, I stay out of the way of that, but I had watched every game we’ve played this season,” explained Burman.

“I enjoy that, sometimes I’m asked for my opinion and sometimes I’m not.

“I just feel that for me to have any sort of respect from the players, I’ve got to say to them that whatever has gone on in the past has gone and we have to wipe the slate clean.

“I’m not a director in this situation, I’m the manager. It’s important we give the players a fresh impetus and hopefully they respond to that.

“I think they were very close and they’ve been very unfortunate to concede goals after 90 minutes of games. We’ve been in good, winning positions and we’ve drawn games that we should have won.

“Everyone knows that and we need to remind the players what’s good and bad, what’s a good habit and what isn’t a good habit. That will help us through and that’s what we’re going to try and put across to them.”

With last weekend’s trip to Bath postponed due to a frozen pitch, Burman has yet to name a starting XI and have to leave people out of his side.

That all starts this Saturday at Princes Park when Dartford host Weymouth in National League South and Burman can’t wait to get going.

“I was disappointed not to have a game last weekend because everything we’ve done with the players at the moment has been positive,” he said.

“Once the games start, there’s obviously going to be players left out who want to play and that sort of situation. It’s not always going to be rosy, I’ve got no magic wand, but we’re just trying to do it in a nice, professional way to get our points across to the players.

“I hope they’ve taken things in, the slate is wiped clean and we’ll try and move forward in a positive way and get the players to believe in what we’re saying and the supporters get behind them as much as they can.”

Weymouth are in a similar position in the table under boss Bobby Wilkinson to the Darts.

Burman added: “We’ve got tough opponents as Weymouth are a good side and I’ve got a lot of time for their manager.

“Hopefully we’ve got some of our ideas across and if they take it in and work hard, that’s all I’m asking at this stage, that they work hard and listen to us.”

Co-chairman Steve Irving revealed last week that dwindling home crowds played a part in the decision to sack boss Alan Dowson.

This weekend represents the first opportunity for supporters to show their support for the club’s decision to make a managerial change.

“It's disappointing when you hear some of the stories that they’re not coming because of certain things,” said Burman.

“But I think you’ve also got to realise that it’s difficult out there at the moment and people may not be able to afford to come to as many games as they want to. I think we do have to take that into consideration.

“I want them to come back because they want to, I’m not sure how many people it is. We want them to get back to enjoying their day at Princes Park, enjoying their pint, enjoying the football and hopefully seeing the team win.

“I know lots of people have their opinion but supporters want to see their team win and if we can do that and bring a feel-good factor back into it then that’s what I’m looking for. If we can make the players happy off the field then I’m sure they’ll be happy on it.

“If we stick together then things can improve and we can climb up that table and get into a decent position. I’ve got no magic wand but let’s do the best for the club and I’m sure the players react to that.

“If the fans see people work hard then they’ll get behind them. We’ve got to concentrate for 95 or 98 minutes, there’s no good starting off fast and then we concede a goal at the end. We’ve got to be professional.

“I’m sure the players care and we’ve got to instil into them that they need to get the little things that have cost us before right. I feel sure that they will respond.”

Tommy Block and Luke Allen could both return to the squad this weekend from injury while the duo could feature in Tuesday night’s Kent Senior Cup Quarter-Final at home to Sevenoaks. On-loan Gills youngster Matty Macarthur is ruled out through injury.
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Re: TB Midweek Catch Up

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KentOnline Interview 02/02/24

Barzey injury is par for the course

Caretaker boss Tony Burman is staying pragmatic after winger Brandon Barzey became the latest player to join the Dartford injury list.

Caretaker Dartford manager Tony Burman admitted losing Brandon Barzey to injury last Saturday summed up their season.

The winger returned from a loan spell with Hemel Hempstead and was put straight into Burman’s starting XI but lasted just under half an hour of the 1-0 home defeat to Weymouth before coming off with a hamstring issue.

Dartford caretaker boss Tony Burman expects Brandon Barzey to be out for two-to-three weeks. Picture: Andy Payton
Dartford caretaker boss Tony Burman expects Brandon Barzey to be out for two-to-three weeks. Picture: Andy Payton
“It was a blow to us to lose Brandon but that’s par for the season at the moment, we’ve lost key players to injuries and it’s just added up all the time,” said Burman, who expects Barzey to be sidelined for two to three weeks.

“It didn’t surprise me that something happened like that but it’s disappointing and it took us off our stride.

“It’s a blow to us but we have to live with it. We’ve lived with it all season with different players. I’m not making excuses, but it’s been one of the major problems.”

Dartford had enjoyed the better of the opening exchanges against Weymouth.

Burman felt the players had shown glimpses of what he wanted to see but admitted there were still lessons to learn.

“We started the game, I thought, reasonably well,” he reflected. “There was a lot of effort that went in and some of the play was what we asked them to produce in the training sessions we had.

“We looked a bit leggy in the second half and didn’t do some of the passing we wanted. Although their goal was a great strike, there were things we could have done better to prevent the shot.

“We have to learn from those mistakes and they’re the sort of things we have to believe we can cut out.

“If we can keep clean sheets then that will be a major plus. If we can add on to that with some good football and scoring goals then it adds up to a good performance.

“When I look at some of the stats, we only had a couple of corners and that can’t be right. I don’t think we had enough shots on target and that can’t be right when we’re at home.

“It’s about belief and a little bit about confidence so if we can get that first win or clean sheet then it will build. I know there’s not loads of time but we have to believe we can get that right.

“As I said before, I’ve got no magic wand but I do realise how difficult the task is going to be. We’ve got to try and get things right sooner rather than later.”

Dartford sold striker Lewis Manor to Isthmian Premier Hornchurch at the end of last week.

The forward struggled for regular gametime at Princes Park so the deal made sense for all concerned.

“I’ve had chats with the players and we’ve had a couple of phone calls from clubs about Lewis Manor,” said Burman.

“He’s a really good lad but he said to me that he hadn’t started a game since mid-November. I didn’t really want him to go but when we got to Thursday, Hornchurch made a further approach and an offer.

“I could have refused it but at the same time you have to think what might be best for the player. As much as he wanted to be here, he felt it was right for him to leave as well so that’s why the deal went through.”

It’s the second striker exit since Burman took caretaker charge but Charlie Sheringham returned in Tuesday’s Kent Senior Cup Quarter-Final win over Sevenoaks.

“We were probably a bit top-heavy with strikers,” said Burman, speaking before he then lost George Alexander on Thursday night after he was recalled from his loan spell by Bromley.

“Charlie is still with us, there’s been a situation with him but he got some minutes on Tuesday and while he’s been out for a long time, he keeps himself fit and we’ll see how that goes.

“But if someone comes along then I will make that decision and get someone else if need be.”

Dartford could come up against former striker Harvey Bradbury this Saturday as Burman takes his team to Farnborough in National League South.

New Darts midfielder Taylor Maloney could also feature against his old side, with the Darts boss confirming no agreement was put in place to prevent either player featuring.

With managerial departures at both Welling and Ebbsfleet in the past week, Burman confirmed the Darts are working their way towards a new manager but wouldn’t be drawn on a timescale.

He added: “We had a meeting last week and there’s people on a wanted list as such. Things will move forward as and when we’re ready so as far as I’m concerned I’ll just carry on with what I have to do.”
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Re: TB Midweek Catch Up

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Update - well done Kentonline for correcting his name in the article👍👍😀😀

"Shomotan (Shomotun) in at the deep end"

https://www.kentonline.co.uk/dartford/s ... nd-301465/

New Dartford forward Fumnaya Shomotan receives quicker-than-expected call-up for first-team duty after Bromley loanee George Alexander leaves Princes Park for move to Chelmsford City

Manager Tony Burman admitted Fumnaya Shomotan’s Dartford debut came a lot earlier than he anticipated.

The 26-year-old forward, who spent five years at Barnet, impressed against the Darts in last week’s Kent Senior Cup tie for Sevenoaks and Burman promptly invited him into training.

Shomotan was then thrust into the starting line-up at Farnborough last weekend after Bromley recalled George Alexander from his loan spell to allow the striker to make a permanent move to Chelmsford.

“With George Alexander going, all of a sudden he went up the pecking order,” said Burman. “I had put the feelers about in the lower leagues for a wide player.

“We played Sevenoaks and he had a decent game for them against a good player in Sam Odaudu.

“My intention was, with the permission of Sevenoaks, to invite him into training on Thursday which they gave me. He did ever so well in training and I thought we’re going to sign this guy.

“Give credit to Sevenoaks, they were more than happy to see him go to a club at a higher level and I’d like to thank the manager and the chairman there for letting it go through so quickly as sometimes these things don’t happen that smoothly.

“They deserve a lot of credit for what they did with him. He wants to play and entertain, but do well at the same time.

“He got an opportunity earlier than I was expecting but he took his chance and now most of the clubs in our league will know about him and be thinking of a way to stop him.

“He’s had a first chance, he’s been with Barnet and had injury problems, so this is a second chance and I’m sure he’ll grab it with both hands.”

On the subject of Alexander’s departure, Burman was disappointed he never got earlier notification of the striker’s intentions.

The Darts didn’t have the chance, either, to compete for Alexander’s signature.

“I didn’t see it coming and I didn’t get an inclination from anybody,” added Burman. “An email came to us about six o’clock on Thursday evening, then I got a call from Bromley and then George rang me and told me his thoughts.

“I wish he’d have spoken to us when he was having his contract cancelled but his agent advised him that he needed to be with a club going for promotion which is not the best thing to say when you’ve had the lad for a couple of months.

“We know that George hadn’t scored in eight games but with what I was trying to do in terms of getting service to the forwards, I would have liked to have had a crack at helping him but it wasn’t to be and we have to move on.”

It means Burman’s squad are still a striker light and the hope is to bring in another fresh face for this weekend’s trip to Bath.

“I’ve got to look for another striker and we’ll try and bring someone in for Saturday,” said Burman, who is open to a loan deal despite Alexander’s early exit.

“You try to stay clear of the loans but when you’ve got injuries or a lack of players on the books in certain positions then maybe you have to do that.

“We’ll see what happens and hopefully I can do something by the end of the week.”
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Re: TB Midweek Catch Up

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KentOnline - 09/02/24

Burman: The league table doesn’t lie

Dartford caretaker boss Tony Burman says the threat of a National League South relegation battle is the reality check the club need.

Dartford caretaker manager Tony Burman says threat of relegation battle in National League South can be catalyst for upturn in results.

Dartford caretaker boss Tony Burman insists the club would be “silly” not to look at the league table.

The Darts are just six points above the relegation zone after their winless National League South run extended to five games with a 2-1 loss at Farnborough last weekend.

Tony Burman is rallying his troops as they seek to return to winning ways. Picture: Sean Aidan
Tony Burman is rallying his troops as they seek to return to winning ways. Picture: Sean Aidan
Burman’s only been in charge for two matches and is trying to breed confidence within the squad. But he knows they have to start picking up results.

“We’d be silly not to look at it,” stated Burman. “We know the situation we’re in.

“There’s a big black cloud up there with an ‘R’ (for relegation) printed on it and I don’t want it coming over our club.

“We’ve got to take a massive reality check and realise that. There’s 17 games to go and we’ve got to get a certain amount of points.

“We need to do it sooner rather than later. At the moment we’ve got to get that clean sheet or that win under our belt and if we can do that it will give us a little bit of confidence.

“We can’t get into a rut, that’s when things don’t start looking good. We’ve got to start performing, we all know that.

“Some of the play at Farnborough (last weekend) went in the right direction which I think will give us a lift in the next few games.”

Dartford visit Bath this Saturday and then host Chippenham at Princes Park on Tuesday night. That game starts a run of matches against teams in the bottom half of the table.

Burman remains in caretaker charge, as things stand, and warned: “It still becomes difficult because the onus in those games is for both clubs.

“It makes it more intense and nerve-wracking. I’m trying to get the players in the right frame of mind. I know we lost last Saturday but the reaction we got was a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

“We weren’t beaten off the field, we gave it a go and on another day we’d have come away with a point. If we can improve for more periods then it will stand us in good stead for the games coming up.”

Luck was again not on Dartford’s side at Farnborough. Not only was the winning goal scored by Harvey Bradbury, just weeks after the Darts sold him, but the striker was clearly offside.

Burman was also disappointed that left-back Sam Odaudu was not allowed to return to the pitch on his natural side, having come off for treatment.

“Sam went down with a cut on his lip on the left-hand side, the referee insisted that he should go off on the right-hand side,” said Burman.

“When he came on he wasn’t in the right position, I can’t tell you why the referee did that. It inevitably led to their left-back getting past Sam to put the cross in.

“Billy (Terrell, keeper) should have done better and then clearly there’s a discussion that should have been had as Harvey’s put the ball in the net. It hit him on his leg so clearly he’s interfering with play. It’s clear that he should be offside.

“They’re the things that are going against us. I know I’m clutching at straws a little bit but we’ve gone 1-0 down, we said we can’t have that losing thing when we go behind and we came straight back with a decent goal to make it 1-1.

“Yes, they’ve hit the post and then you’re thinking it might be our day because we’ve had some poor luck over the last few months. It wasn’t to be but I can’t fault the effort in the team. I’m not going to have a go at the players if that’s there.

“Their keeper pulled off a great save to prevent it going 2-2. I’m not happy but I was pleased we had a workmanlike performance at least.

“I felt the players gave me 100%, they worked really hard and did what we’ve been trying to work on. I felt we were good enough to get a point, there were some good pluses from the game.

“It wasn’t to be but that wasn’t through lack of effort and our supporters who travelled appreciated that the players had put in a shift, even if it wasn’t the right result.”
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Re: TB Midweek Catch Up

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https://www.kentonline.co.uk/dartford/s ... op-301870/

Collective responsibility crucial to avoid the drop

Dartford caretaker boss Tony Burman says only a unified approach will do if they are to escape relegation.

Dartford caretaker manager Tony Burman calls for unity if club are to avoid relegation from National League South

Caretaker manager Tony Burman has warned everyone at Dartford needs to stick together if the club are to avoid being relegated.

The Darts are yet to win a league game in 2024 and failed to score for the third time in four matches during Tuesday’s home defeat to Chippenham.

Dartford caretaker manager Tony Burman wants everybody singing from the same hymn sheet. Picture: Andy Payton
Dartford caretaker manager Tony Burman wants everybody singing from the same hymn sheet. Picture: Andy Payton
There’s more than a few nervous faces and the current predicament looks likely to speed up the need to appoint a permanent boss.

But Burman, who is still a club director, insists now isn’t the time to start pointing fingers.

“There’s no point losing your head or rag, having a go at everybody within the club,” he said.

“Unfortunately, we’re in a position where we’ve got to have everyone sticking together.

“I know people might want to criticise what we’ve done or haven’t done, but now isn’t the time to do it. The time to do it is when we know what’s happened.

“We’re in a position which we’ve brought on ourselves, make no mistake about it, whether that’s on the playing field or off it. We seriously need to do something about it.

“It takes everyone trying to stick together. It takes a lot of belief, if we can instill that then it will bring confidence. We’ve got to try and win the next game, and then win the one after that.

“If I’m honest with anybody I’m part of the board and I am a director. We must have got some things wrong somewhere and that’s what disappoints me, that we haven’t got certain things right and we’ve got to look at ourselves.

“Whatever the reasons, it’s so disappointing to see us where we are at this moment in time.

“If we get a new manager in next week it doesn’t mean it’s going to change things straight away but, having said that, there is that buzz if there is a new manager and it might change a couple of games.

“At this moment in time, I haven’t had the buzz that people thought I would have. I’ve lost four games.”

Burman conceded that any new manager has to realise that they might have to work through some tough times at Princes Park before things turn around.

“The new manager has to have a good pedigree,” he added. “There are some excellent people who have applied for the job.

“He might have to take a step back to take two steps forward. I really hope that doesn’t happen.

“We’re in a little bit of trouble, if we get pulled into the relegation fight and a new manager comes in and it doesn’t work for him, he’s got to understand that, dare I say it, we do go down. But I’d rather stay up and be fighting again next year to try and get into the National League.”

Dartford travel to bottom side Dover this Saturday knowing three points will put a different perspective on their survival chances.

Sam Odaudu (groin) and Tommy Block (hamstring) are both unlikely to feature while Tyrell Miller-Rodney is suspended.

But Burman doesn’t see the stakes are any bigger than in other matches at the moment.

“Every game is must-win,” he stated. “I don’t see that Saturday is any different from Tuesday and we’ve got to get points on the board. It’s as straight-forward as that.

“They’re in a position that Dover don’t expect to be in and over the years we’ve had some brilliant battles. We’re out of the bottom four at the moment but if we don’t start winning then we’re going to creep into it.

“We’ve got to start believing in ourselves. We picked up another two injuries on Tuesday and I doubt they’ll be ready so that makes things it even tougher.”
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Re: TB Midweek Catch Up

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Fresh face raises Darts' spirits

https://www.kentonline.co.uk/dartford/s ... ts-302182/

Dartford caretaker manager Tony Burman on the arrival of on-loan King’s Lynn defender Tom Clifford and form of young Bournemouth loanee Billy Terrell ahead of a run of home games

The arrival of local lad Tom Clifford has been welcomed by Dartford caretaker manager Tony Burman.

Left-back Clifford made his debut as they ended a five-game losing league run with a 2-1 win over National League South basement boys Dover last weekend.

Burman moved quickly to recruit the 25-year-old from King’s Lynn after Academy graduate Sam Odaudu sustained his latest knock in last Tuesday’s 1-0 home loss to Chippenham.

“Tommy did well on Saturday,” noted the interim manager. “He came into training last Thursday and I’ve known about him for a while.

“Although we got him from King’s Lynn, he is actually a Dartford lad. He lives in Dartford and I love that. He’s someone local.

“He has got experience - and he doesn’t understand what all this pressure people say we’re under is because he’s won his first game!”

The initial loan for the former Southend player - who started out at Foots Cray Lions in Sidcup - is for one month, but may be extended.

Burman: ‘The pressure was really on’

Odaudu is expected to be out until at least the end of the month with a groin injury and Burman said: “We’ll have to see what the situation is with Sam.

“I’m not 100% sure how long he’ll be out for.

“But Tommy wanted games. King’s Lynn wanted him to have games and, with where we’re playing Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday, it made sense.”

While Odaudu missed Dartford’s trip to Dover, another Academy player, teenage midfielder Olly Box, made his first league start and marked it with the opening goal.

Burman noted: “I’m pleased for Olly.

“He’s a good lad from our Academy.

“I’ll give him a little tap every now and then when he hasn’t been doing his work in the Academy on the education side – but the only tap I’ll give him about Saturday is a pat on the back.

“He’s done really well. It doesn’t always work but, for someone like Olly to be involved in a pressure-game, that can only be a good learning curve for him.”

Dover cancelled out Box’s goal in the second half, only for Darts captain Luke Coulson to convert a controversial late penalty to win it in front of a crowd of 794 with his eighth goal this season.

“For Luke to have the strength to take that penalty, that was really good,” said Burman. “I’m just delighted that it’s gone in.”

Talented young on-loan Bournemouth goalkeeper Billy Terrell’s wait for a first clean sheet this campaign continues.

The 20-year-old, ironically also on loan with Dover earlier in the season, has impressed at times despite his long wait for a shut-out.

But Burman knows making mistakes is all part of the learning curve for players like Terrell, having had Chelsea keeper Marcus Bettinelli in the early stages of his career.

On Terrell, he said: “He has made some mistakes but, when you have a goalkeeper from a Premier League side, they want you to play them.

“You have to realise that they may make mistakes.

“But at least they’re playing competitive football. As long as they’re learning from their mistakes, it’s fine.

“We were fortunate enough a long time ago to have Marcus Bettinelli when he was 18. He was with us for a season and he was brilliant.

“These keepers with Premier League and Football League sides need to get games at our level.

“You take them in and hope that they do really well, but they’re learning all the time.”

Dartford lost 3-2 at Slough on Tuesday.

All the goals came in the first half, Box cancelling out a first-minute opener just five minutes later and making it 2-2 before the hosts’ winner a minute before the break.

To compound their woes, Joash Nembhard was sent off two minutes from time.

The Darts begin a run of three home league games when they welcome Taunton on Saturday and host play-off chasing Aveley on Tuesday.
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